A 1500W Generator Provides Optimal Flexibility For Reserve Power Equipment

If convenient, easily transportable, backup power is needed, a 1500W generator will help meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

Not only are these generators lightweight, versatile, reliable, but are well-capable for sustaining reserve power loads for several hours-on-end.

Some of the most common uses for a 1500 Watt generator are tail-gating, camping, hunting, and outdoor gatherings such as weddings and parties.

Frequently, upon conducting portable generator reviews, many people ‘settle-upon’ a 1500 Watt model due to the attractive combination of key features relative to this size.

When it comes to portable generator ratings, a 1500W generator is, basically, categorized as light-duty.

We agree that 1200 Watts to 1500 Watts is accurately classified as ‘light-use;’ however, these generators are by no standards incapable of handling considerable sized-loads.

A 1500 Watt generator can effectively power nearly all accessories that are typical of a tail-gating or modest-sized gathering.

What’s more, if one relied solely upon outside portable generator reviews, it would be (somewhat) difficult to fully appreciate the capability of this class.

Moreover, with access to a 1500 Watt generator, essential appliances of an actual home can be successfully backed-up if need be.


1500W Portable Generator Ratings

In addition to the expected, portable application(s), a refrigerator, computer, lamps, television, and stereo equipment can all be run-by a capable 1500 Watt generator.

(In order to energize multiple items concurrently, a multi-socket extension cord will be needed to do so.)

Given the smaller portable generator ratings (and overall size), a 1500 Watt model will require slightly more frequent fuel replenishment ‘tasks’ juxtaposed to larger models.

Although, there are a few very fuel-efficient makes available today which all-but negate this issue altogether.


Specifically, Champion Generators come-to-mind with respect to efficient consumption, and, the Champion 42431 has a 1500 Watt Peak capacity to-boot.

The Champion 42431 is lightweight, quiet, and can operate for approximately ten (10) hours at 50% Load Capacity.

This important because, most of the time, it will not be required to run at full strength; thus, the ability to reduce the RPMs is paramount to fuel efficiency.

Perhaps, you have read portable generator reviews about the 42431 and are aware of this feature…

Unfortunately, not all portable generator ratings will offer such flexibility as the 1500 Watt class, but, many will have off-setting positives nonetheless.

To wit, some portable generator reviews will suggest that a 1500 Watt generator is only suited for a relatively small number of tasks.

We feel a bit differently—portable generator ratings can serve as guidelines by which to adhere in regards to safety, maintenance, and recommended use; however, they are anything but exhaustive when it comes to the full potential of the equipment.

Another point to mention about virtually any 1500W generator is the fact that it can be easily loaded, unloaded from vessel-of-transportation.

(Since, oftentimes, these generators are ‘commissioned’ for away-from-home functions, it’s an added bonus experience minimal resistance/dis-comfort as the result of heavy, cumbersome equipment!)

Finally, thanks-to portable generator reviews, portable generator ratings, the unique attributes of a 1500W generator are becoming more widely recognized by a growing number of equipment users!