Generac Power Generators

Generac Power Generators

You’ll Have Dependable Backup With Generac Power Generators

Each model of Generac Power Generators manufactured within the last 50 years has enhanced Generac as a leader in backup energy production.

Today, Generac is considered the foremost brand in residential backup power supply, and, most notably, for its standby generators.

Generac centrally offers four (4) distinct lines of generators:

(1) Industrial/Commercial Generators…

Therefore, if you own a business or an organization that relies on the constancy of your system(s), security, and/or communications, then Generac Commercial Generators are definitely for you.

Moreover, Generac Power Generators are dependable/affordable/reputable; so, you can be confident in Generac to offer proven engineering, provide optimal standby power whenever needed.

(2) Additionally, Generac Portable Generators are impressively advanced as well. In this class, the power source can be utilized either in-home or on-the-road.

(3) Next, there are Generac Standby Generators…

Basically, this type is hardwired into a home’s electrical system—which allows these models to automatically initiate power restoration if/when an outage occurs.

Standby generators are often referred to as ‘fixed generators’ interchangeably.

(4) Finally, we’ve reached the well-respected Generac Portable Gas RV Generators…

Perfect for avid outdoorsmen and those taking road trips—Generac RV Generators will seamlessly complement your arrangements.

Along with an already distinguished history—over 35 years of RV expertise—Generac revolutionized power generation with its OHVI™ Engines.

OHVI™ Engines are exclusively made for the pervasive demands of large loads (e.g. commercial operations, RVs, and omnibuses.)
In terms of reliability, Generac Power Generators are some of the most highly recommended of all.

If you must have unfaltering reserve power capabilities, then Generac is a prime selection for your concerns!

Generac portable units and every Generac Propane Generator is a result of a commitment to sustained quality, the satisfaction of all backup power products.

What’s more, Generac developed a proprietary OHVI™ Engine which is designed for extended use, while most competitors’ are only suitable for intermittent application(s).

Generac Power Generators


This is precisely why so many businesses use a Generac Generator when ‘power failure’ is simply not an option.

The commercial line of Generac is especially relevant to industries such as:

(a) Food Service—mandatory that perishable goods do not rise above invariable temperatures.

(b) Security Monitoring & Emergency Dispatch Services—obviously, these systems run on electricity, and saving lives is their business.

(c) Credit Card Processing/Financial Institutions—due to the ‘always open’ internet market, these providers require 100% uptime because an interruption for mere seconds can result in the loss of millions of dollars…

In fact, Generac was the first company to develop generators capable of efficiently, successfully running businesses for acceptable time spans on nothing more than reserve power.

Among others, this ability defines why Generac Power Generators are universally considered a ‘top-shelf’ selection in standby power equipment.

Furthermore, Whole House Natural Gas Generac Power Generators are made to run entire homes and are hard-wired into the electrical structure—providing ultimate convenience.

Generac constructs optimal natural gas generators for home use.

Generac Power Generators for Home Use: Features

A tremendous benefit of a fixed/standby natural gas whole house generator is that there’s no need to manually turn-it-on once power turns-off.

Thus, when a power failure occurs, the generator automatically takes over where conventional electricity has failed—a welcome feature of this kind of machinery.

Generac Generator Installation is a straight-forward process for natural gas standbys, as several units come pre-wired; one doesn’t have to ‘master-the-trade’ of electrical wiring to set one up.

Caveat: Although they are easier than others to set up, we definitely recommend employing a licensed electrician to hard-wire a natural gas standby generator.

However, given the simplicity of configuration, Generac Power Generators can significantly reduce the total ‘man-hours’ billed for installation (which saves the homeowner both time and money!)

Another great thing about natural gas standbys, and, Generac Portable Generators, is the vast, nation-wide network of Generac Dealers.

Abundantly available, these professionals can carefully assist with maintenance issues, general inquiries for proper operation.

Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator


Conclusively, even as Generac Power Generators are easily attainable and broadly distributed, we still advise that one purchase equipment well in advance of potentially dire situations.

Doing so will allow one to avoid the ‘frenetic commotion’ after the regional crisis; which, unfortunately, is commonplace after severe weather storms/natural disasters that result in widespread power, service outages.

Because, in the aforementioned scenario(s), even if you know exactly which product is needed, there are likely several hundred, perhaps even thousands of people with identical burdens.

Not to mention an inevitable shortage of natural gas, propane, and, competent, capable installation professionals who can provide their services on time.

Hence, it is a prudent decision to purchase all-natural gas, emergency supplies/equipment/accessories well before the time arrive when it’s/they’re most needed!

Remaining on the subjects of emergency preparation and decent generators for home use, we’ll now discuss an auxiliary power source: Generac Portable Generators.

Gas-powered Generac Portable Generators are capable of delivering adequate energy for variant prospects.

With capacities up to 17,500W, gasoline, or, liquid propane portable Generac Power Generators will meet the challenges of nearly all on-the-go activities, many at-home tasks as well.

A large portable gas model can issue temporary home backup power during times of ‘spontaneous’ outages.

Now, as detailed, Generac offers both liquid propane/gas portable generators, and, natural gas standby units—but, one must ultimately decide which is best for their individual circumstance(s)…

Portable Generac Power Generators vs. Standbys

Portable units are well capable of supplying respectable power; however, they’re generally not equipped to run an entire household for a prolonged stint.

Therefore, if possible, I suggest one consider both a portable model for travel; e.g., a Generac 5000 Watt Generator, and an adept natural gas standby generator for home use.

This virtually guarantees peace-of-mind when at home and also gives comfort while traveling too.

Moreover, if a natural disaster strikes in one’s area, having a portable gas generator is that much more important—since it could be mandatory to evacuate the residence.

If it’s not possible to purchase both a portable and a standby generator, I’d advocate for purchasing a whole house generator as a homeowner—especially if you have a family to protect/support.

Besides, You could look at Champion Generators as a more cost-effective option for Your portable endeavors.

Concerning costs, the broad capabilities and greater capacity of natural gas standby generators normally make them more expensive upfront; nonetheless, the greater security and life expectancy translates into an investment rather than an expense.

For this reason, one must be totally comfortable, confident in agreeing to such a large purchase.

Naturally, you’d want to be certain that the brand which you select has a well-established record of quality, service, and dependability— and Generac Power Generators have all three!

(One-of the true testaments to the brand’s engineering expertise, is the ‘timeless’ Generac 5500XL.)

As important as brand recognition and durability are, buying the right size generator is, perhaps, the most important criterion of all.

Since it’ll be practically useless if not capable of sustaining basic loads, it’s essential that one purchase a strong enough home generator.

Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter


After minimal research, one can accurately calculate sufficient wattage based on current/prospective power usage, family size, and total Square Feet of one’s home.

Alternatively, you can always consult an electrician to assist with the process.

At that time, it’ll be convenient to discuss any further questions/concerns to operation, maintenance, and service rates for your chosen model of Generac Power Generators.

All things considered, purchasing a premium Generac will ensure that service is minimized while total ‘running-life’ is maximized!

Hopefully, we have given acceptable insight into the benefits of owning portable, propane, or natural gas Generac Power Generators.

Moreover, this page was written to overview Generac and

and some of the prime characteristics thereof.

(For a more technical overview of this brand, visit our Generac Troubleshooting section.)

Being that Generac manufactures exhaustive models/types, we’ve developed a ‘Generac Power Generators Resource Guide,’ which is located at the bottom of this page.

In addition to our fundamental purpose of information provision, it will thoroughly review some of the most popular/reputable models of Generac Power Generators, including its vast lines of portable gas generators.

So, it won’t be difficult to learn more about various models and how they might provide solutions to your backup power requirements.

As we’ll contribute to this section frequently, be sure to check back often if a model in which you’re interested isn’t currently listed; because, it likely will be soon!

Thanks for visiting and do not forget to visit the ‘Generac Power Generators Resource Guide’ for in-depth coverage of the top offerings by Generac.

Finally, if you are particularly interested in a product that we’ve covered and want to inquire about price-range(s) and/or our unique abilities to source such equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us via the ‘contact us’ link (located in the footer of every page)…

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