Honda eu2000i review 2022

The generator is an electricity generating device. It uses fuel to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This fuel can be of various types. This includes gasoline petrol diesel and even solar power. 

There are some generators that also use hydraulic power to convert it into energy.In this type of conversion, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Water flows from higher potential to lower potential. In its flow, it converts the energy by moving a motor.

Various products are introduced by various vendors in terms of the generator. One of those is the honda eu2000i. It gained popularity very soon. I was checking my inbox when I found out that the number of queries was there about this product. At that time I have decided that I will review this product as soon as I get time. So here is an honest review of The honda eu2000i.

If I figured out the queries I have received in my email inbox. These were the most prominent ones

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  • honda eu2000i specs
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I have tried my best to answer all these queries. 

Honda eu2000i price

The price of this product is around $1100. You may experience variation in this price. Depending on the place from where you are buying it. Even if you are buying it on Amazon or from other sites online. There can be a difference in price. So this is better to check at least three to four sites before buying this product. There are some other factors because of which the price can vary. Some websites are offering you free delivery and some are not. Moreover, the taxation amount also differs. So before finalizing make sure that you have considered all these points. 

By considering all these points the final price may vary. This may be a possibility that apparently it looks that the offered price is low. But actually, if you do all the calculations the price of this product is much higher than those which apparently looked higher. 

Honda 662220 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Honda eu2000i oil

This product uses gasoline as fuel. Being an energy-efficient system it uses the fuel in less quantity. So it makes the environment less polluted. As far as the capacity of the tank is concerned it can store 0.9 gallons. This generator can easily run for 8 hours on this fuel tank. But if the capacity is utilized under 25%. If you utilize it fully this will be around 3 hours. So for how long the generator will operate on a single fuel tank depends on your usage.

Honda eu2000i oil change

Changing the oil filter is necessary and the information that when you should change the oil filter is provided in the manual. What I should mention at this point is that it is very easy to change the oil. Remember here I am talking about the engine oil that is used in this generator. This is because of several reasons that include

  • The opening of the oil filter is longer.
  • The oil drain is larger.
  • Because of these two issues, you can easily change the oil. 

The manual provided with the product is really very handy. This provides information about different parts of the generator. This introduction helps you to maintain the performance of the generator. With the passage of time, you will be able to know when to change the oil of The generator. Moreover, it provides you with the information that when you need to change the filter of the generator. The manual is so well written that it makes the operation of the generator easy. You will be able to find out if there is a specific need for the generator that will be fulfilled before the operation of the generator. 

Honda eu2000i specs

Some important specification of the generator is

  • The voltage output of the generator is 2000 watts
  • Initial wattage output is 1600 watts
  • At 25% load, it produces a noise level of 51 DB. As the load increases the noise level will also increase
  • The fuel it needs to perform its operations is gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity is 0.9 gallon
  • This can operate from 3 to 8 hours depending on the load.
  • It provides the AC current of 120 V that is rated at 1600 watt and the maximum DC output is 12 volt
  • The weight of the Honda eu2000i is 45 pounds.
  • Dimensions play an important role to place the product the adventures for this generator is 20.2  x 11.4 x 16.7
  • This uses the Honda engine with the model number GX 100
  • You need to start it manually through recoil. 

Eu2200i – Better and improved version

eu2200i is the new better and improved version of its ancestors that is the eu2000i. No doubt the previous version was also a highly functional generator. The good thing is that it inherits all the good characters of its ancestor. These characteristics include

  • Small size
  • Low weight.
  • Eco Throttle
  • Quiet operation
  • Parallel capability
  • Fuel efficiency optimization system

Then what is batter in it the new eu2200i? This is the power it has the capability to produce more power while maintaining the same size and capability. So if you think that you can buy the improved version without denting your pocket then you should give this version a try too. 

Eu2200i – Better and improved version

We have tried our best to answer all the queries of our respected visitors. Even though you think that your question is not answered properly. You may contact us with a specific question and we will try to answer it in the best possible manner. Always do remember that no matter how good machinery you are using. If you are not maintaining it properly it means that you are losing the good potential of the machine. Therefore always try to maintain the machinery as per the majority of its requirements. These can be easily found in the manual with the machine.