Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators

Industry-Renowned, Globally-Recognized Power Systems: Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators are some of the leading backup power machines available.

Not only is Kohler a worldwide, reputable brand, but makes tremendous efforts to consistently pioneer in the latest engineering feats.

Contemporary Kohler gas standby generators are admirably built, and,

well known for unbridled quality, durability, and satisfaction.

(Not-to-mention, Kohler Marine Generators, and, Kohler Diesel Generators are highly-sought for relative employment as well.)

Generators for home use are essential for those with specific needs in which electric power interruption is not an option, and potentially has catastrophic ramifications.

For example, a household with young children, elderly residents, business necessities, or, is frequently left unattended will require a reliable (emergency) power source to ensure the maintenance, well-being of the property.

This is where whole house generators, and, Kohler Generators in particular, ‘shine.’

Kohler has been a ‘top-tier’ brand for several years and continues to build some of the most praiseworthy equipment year-in, year-out.

Technological Advancements of Kohler Generators For Home Use

Speaking of which, one of the most innovative technologies of any brand in residential reserve power generation, was Kohler’s OnCue™ Remote Monitoring System.

With OnCue™, one can remotely monitor the status of the home/generator.

Ingeniously, sensors and built-into Whole House Kohler Gas Generators allow digitized software to relay the status to a Laptop, Home Computer, or even a Smart-Phone, anywhere in the world!

So, not only will You have instant, real-time, insight as to the condition(s) of the generator, but, will also know if there are any issues/concerns therewith.

In turn, You can then contact Your local, on-call Kohler Service Technician to visit the residence/business to perform the requisite work—keeping the system functioning properly.

What’s more, Kohler Whole House Generators ensure ultimate comfort, reliability with state-of-the-art Transfer Switches, and cutting-edge engineering.

Transfer Switches are paramount to the automatic capabilities of standby generators…

In essence, they are the computerized, 24/7/365 monitoring systems for a building’s power supply.

Naturally, Kohler Gas Generators are seamlessly controlled by these ultra-sophisticated mechanisms, which, basically, are advanced microprocessors that ‘sense’ when an interruption in power supply (from a utility company) has occurred.

While some generator manufacturers have only recently implemented micro-processing functionality, Kohler has specialized in this area since the mid-’70s!

Kohler Generators


Benefits of Kohler Whole House Generators

Typically, for most, whole house generators are rated from six (6) Kilowatts and up.

Six (6) KWS is the absolute low-end of the spectrum, and will only power a select number of appliances.

However, more powerful, Kohler Gas Generators for Home Use, start at over eight (8) kWs and

go up to a robust, 100 Kilowatt capacity.

In conjunction with power-boost technology, clean emissions developments, and the quickest, most reliable Transfer Switch in the industry, Whole House Kohler Gas Generators are expertly engineered machines—capable of maintaining order in the very presence of chaos.

Finally, another intrigue of Kohler Whole House Generators is their efficient fuel consumption prowess.

Thanks to natural gas and propane, Kohler Home Generators are run by the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly fuels (publicly) available.

Hence, propane & natural gas residential Kohler Generators are not only super-reliable, easy-to-maintained; but, do well to ensure the long-term health, the sustainability of the planet on which we live!