Farm Tractor Salvage Yards

Farm Tractor Salvage Yards Are ‘Unheralded’ Resources

Farm Tractor Salvage Yards are excellent, yet frequently overlooked options to inspect + purchase exhaustive varieties of equipment and/or parts.

Given the independent and somewhat unpredictable nature of these businesses, it is relatively unknown exactly what may be located at any particular yard at any particular time.

This inherent unpredictability can be either frustrating or delightful—dependent upon the available inventory of the farm and tractor supply

yard visited. Prudently, the best practice is to first contact the owner(s), manager(s), or employees(s) before making-the-trip to verify the merchandise in which you are interested is indeed accessible from that location.

Even as this portrays an ideal situation, it’s not always convenient (or feasible) to contact Farm Tractor Salvage Yards prior to arrival due to variable circumstances. Furthermore, sometimes, the most successful excursions are the result of spontaneous decisions to quickly pick-up-and-go; or, to unexpectedly stop while ‘en route’ to another destination.

Either way, more often than not, one can routinely find something of use in terms of product(s) or reference information obtained from the on-site workers.

In fact, Farm Tractor Salvage Yards are perhaps the best starting point for finding rare or difficult-to-source equipment since there is virtually limitless assortment to be had.

For example, some of the equipment, parts we’ve purchased at Farm Tractor Salvage Yards are:

(a) Case Garden Tractor Parts

(b) Wood Gas Generators

(c) John Deere Compact Tractor

(d) 4 Wheel Drive Garden Tractor

(e) much, much more…

Upon retrospect, I can remember impulsively stopping at a salvage yard in search of garden tractor pulling tires, and was positively surprised that the small, unlisted yard had a used Kubota Tractor for sale, Farmall Tractors for sale, a homemade garden tractor, and Used John Deere Lawn Tractors—all at the exact same place.

Needless to say, I bought the homemade garden tractor (was overwhelmed by the ingenuity and creativity), a proprietary oil to help clean/restore an old, rusty tractor, and took note of the vast selection of Used John Deere Lawn Tractors…

Chief Advantages of Farm Tractor Salvage Yards

Perhaps, the best argument for going to farm and tractor supply yards is, there are always more items available than there is competition for the product-in-pursuit.

This means both pricing and collection are favorable with respect to a buyer’s necessities since the yard depends on random drop-ins and referrals; so, it is in the best interest of the owner to ‘get-what-he-can’ from each prospective transaction.

Thus, both the atmosphere and environment of tractor salvage yards are much different than a retail-store or chain operation—granting much more flexibility to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for the merchandise in which you are interested.

Moreover, farm and tractor supply yards are frequently re-stocked (sometimes daily) with all types of parts and equipment—coming from trades, orders, and re-located property world-wide.

Another tremendous attribute of these distinctive ‘shops’ is, the larger and more established yards, have intriguing events such as antique tractor auctions and antique tractor shows.

If one is interested in finding a rare tractor or similar equipment, antique tractor auctions provide unrivaled platforms from which it can be sourced…

A little over 2 years ago, a member of our staff attended an impressive auction that featured a John Deere 730 Tractor (a hard-to-find model of Antique John Deere Tractors), and was astounded by the overall pristine condition.

The pictures were amazing and at that point, I vowed to dedicate more time to attend these gatherings as it had been some time since I had been to one.

Tip: Even though they are advertised as antique tractor auctions, frequently, due to the considerable turn-outs, there will be several private entities displaying items for sale as well.

Occasionally, there will be Mahindra Tractor Dealers, John Deere Tractor Dealers, et cetera that’ll display some of their older or harder-to-move equipment in hopes that someone will be keen enough to make a reasonable offer.

So, Farm Tractor Salvage Yards that host antique tractor shows or antique tractor auctions present valuable settings for anyone seeking unique opportunity and diversity.

In summary, Farm and Tractor Supply Yards are inclusive, dynamic venues with a treasure-trove of parts, tools, and equipment.

We’ve found everything from craftsman manuals to diagrams of a vintage tractorhouse to New Holland Grills at the most unassuming yards around.

The timeless adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is apt for Farm Tractor Salvage Yards since there is really no science to being

certain about what’s available at variant locations.

Obviously, one can attempt to call the yard prior to trekking-over, but this is not always possible; not to mention, there may not be anyone available to answer if it is a small and/or busy facility.

Finally, antique tractor auctions can proffer ‘hidden gems’ that go un-publicized and would be unbeknown to non-attendees.

There has never been an instance where I’ve gone to antique tractor auctions/shows and was not encouraged by something that was shown/offered during the happening.

Hence, Farm Tractor Salvage Yards are comprehensive assets lending well to innumerable interests and situations.