Kohler Generators For Home Use

Kohler Generators For Home Use

by Editorial Staff

Kohler Generators For Home Use range from 8.5 Kilowatt models such as the 8.5RES to the larger, more robust varieties like the 30RES.
Not only does Kohler manufacture exceptional reserve power systems, but, also builds some of the most advanced Transfer Switches available.

Most generators, including the ‘just-right’ Kohler 14RESAL , are air-cooled and require fair amounts of clearance on each side to maintain requisite circulation.

Naturally, liquid propane, natural gas generators for home use run much more efficiently than gas-powered counter-parts; thus, many owners usually ‘opt’ for larger models since exorbitant fuel costs are (generally) irrelevant.

Furthermore, Kohler Generators For Home Use also come liquid-cooled, perform slightly differently with respect to internal temperature regulation.

Even as these types are (technically) variant, the fundamental operation of the generators remain consistent.

Notably, in regards to Kohler, the foremost model that’s ‘liquid-cooled’ is the Kohler 30RESA .

With a 30,000 Watt Rating, the 30RESA is more than capable of successfully powering a large home, or modest commercial facility.

What’s more, this natural gas generator for home use is equipped with an extra oil reservoir which affords further protection of one’s investment.

Finally, there are a few more Natural Gas Kohler Generators For Home Use that we’d like to highlight as well…

Similar to the Kohler 14RESAL, is the 14RESA generator which also has a 14KW capacity.

These two (2) models are nearly identical in appearance; however, the 14RESAL does provide a few more ‘bells-and-whistles’ juxtaposed to the 14RESA.

Overall, Kohler Generators For Home Use are ultra-efficient, quiet-in-operation, and masterfully controlled by industry leading Transfer Switches.

Beginning with Kohler’s 8.5RES Generator, and finishing with the powerful 30RESA , this brand exemplifies quality craftsmanship, attention-to-detail, and cutting-edge technology.