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Portable Generator Reviews are vital to manufacturers’ marketing, and, consumer-information concerns.

When searching for reputable, quality-made, portable gas generators, we are much more inclined to be (positively) influenced by our fellow consumers, rather than the actual makers themselves.

Since, for the most part, people willingly offer their experiences and insights to help others, portable generator reviews can be of

tremendous benefit indeed.

Furthermore, unbiased reviews can assist-in-determining which manufacturer, model, and ultimate capacity is best suited for a particular application.

For example, if someone was in need of a portable gas generator for home use, but, had no idea as to which capacity or manufacturer(s) were most recommended for this purpose, portable generator reviews could literally ‘save’ this person immensely.

During the pre-internet days where information was exclusively obtained locally, one was subject to the (limited) knowledge, expertise, and motivations of a local equipment retailer or hardware store.

Obviously, this greatly reduced the opportunities with which one was presented to make the best purchase decisions for their circumstance(s).

Granted—that was then, this is now… thankfully!

We will now start to detail some of the portable electric generators with which we have experience.

NOTE: In respect of brevity, we will only cover Champion Power Equipment on this page; although, we do have a separate, exclusive section for Generac Portable Generators.

For an in-depth look at the corresponding Champion Models listed, please, visit those exclusive pages for further review.

Additionally, we’ve built a portable generator rating page that will further discuss important topics in regards.

Portable Gas Generators: Reviews

To begin, the following section will cover one of the leaders in portables, and, will aptly be labeled as follows: Champion Generator Reviews.

Champion Power Equipment, the fabricators of Champion Generators, make four (4) categories of portable gas generators…

(1) Light-Duty Series: The Champion 42431 is the ‘flagship’ model for this class—1200W, CARB Compliant portable gas generator.

(2a) Medium-Duty Class: Leading off, is the Champion 41115 which is an impressive generator in terms of reliability, performance, and noise-level tolerance.

The 41115 boasts 5000 Watts of running power along with a Peak Out-put of 6000W.

This model is definitely one of our most popular with respect to volume-of-sales!

(2b) Secondly, for our medium-class Champion Generator Reviews, are the Champion 41135 Models—5500 Watt, CARB Compliant, portable gas generators.

Historically, we’ve registered several compliments about the 41135 for the sheer design, nice ‘look’ of the equipment, among other attributes, of course.

The 41135 distinguishes itself with its (aforementioned) sleek appearance, CARB compliance, appreciable fuel-efficiency, and convenient portability.

(3) Heavy-Duty Class: Unanimously, we agree that the Heavy-Duty Line of Champion portable gas generators was, by far, our most compelling category on which to write these portable generator reviews.

The complementary field is composed of the 41533, Champion 41534, 41535, 41536, and last, but certainly not least, the Champion 41537.

Each model is somewhat similar in regards to being CARB Compliant, 7000 Watts or greater, and is engineered with either remote or electric start capability.

The Champion 41534 is, perhaps, our ‘best-seller;’ although, if so, it would be by a very slight margin.

(I’d have to officially audit the records to provide a definitive answer to this estimate.)

Finally, undoubtedly, the 41534 has greater ‘reach’ than other brands’ light-commercial offerings in part because of its unique dual-classification as a viable portable gas RV generator as well.

(4) Our final section of Champion Portable Generator Reviews

has been reserved for the recreational line. Champion Power Equipment has produced more than one model in this class over-the-years, but, presently, we will notate the 73531i.

As a portable gas inverter generator, the Champion 73531i is extraordinarily lightweight, fuel-efficient, and powerful.

The 73531i is well-capable as a 2000 Watt inverter, which happens to be CARB Compliant as well.

Weighing in at less than 50lbs., and, accompanied by an equally ‘light’ price-tag, these Champion Portable Gas Generators are exceptional options for quick-deployment-situations!

As this page is a work-in-progress, stay tuned for additional updates, manufacturers being added to our portable generator reviews section…