Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl Chainsaws Lead in Chainsaw Manufacturing World-Wide

Stihl Chainsaws provide dependable, empowering capabilities through inventive design and technology.

Consequently, Stihl makes some of, if not the most reliable chainsaws on the market today.

As a true pioneer in not only chainsaw manufacturing, but in equipment

development overall, Stihl has become one of the premier companies in machinery fabrication heretofore.

Accordingly, over 30 years ago, Stihl advanced an unheard of practice of Magnesium Die Casting its chainsaws to underpin longevity and dependability.

Shortly thereafter, Stihl developed a state-of-the-art plant to further establish this system. This very practice has led to the extended longevity and re-sale value of Used Stihl Chainsaws in result.

Currently, Stihl has diversified its operations to offer several types of equipment; however, chainsaws remain the ‘flag-ship’ product line of the company.

Equipped with ample power capacities from approximately 1.5 to nearly 9 HP, Stihl Chainsaws afford any user—residential or commercial—the ability to tackle various tasks with efficacy, precision.

Furthermore, Stihl has become world renowned for their ergonomic construction, technological advancement, and general attention-to-detail.

In addition, Stihl Chainsaws are more easily maneuvered than many other brands’ equipment.

This occurs as a direct result of decreased weight and impact tension (i.e. vibration/kick-back)—appointing Stihl as an authority in regards to operational safety, injury prevention during chainsaw employment.

Personally, I’ve had the privilege of working with multiple Stihl Saws over the years; however, customarily, one utilizes the same machine indefinitely—which speaks volumes to the inherent quality of the build.

Used Stihl Chainsaws

Moreover, countless others with whom I am acquainted have proclaimed that even Used Stihl Chainsaws have been some of the best purchases they’ve ever made.

Especially useful for clearing downed trees, lands, and general landscaping applications, Stihl Chainsaws are simply the best.

Easily, one can clear a lot of an acre or so within the hour by utilizing the proper equipment—and a Stihl Chainsaw is the critical starting point for the mission.

Modernly, there are several chainsaw brands that are competitively priced and positioned as being equivalent to Stihl.

Although, our experience has concluded that a wide range of entry to mid-level machines are incapable of efficiently cutting some of the harder woods (e.g. Oak, Apple, & Cherry) which one might encounter while performing seasonal maintenance duties.

Thus, Stihl has proven to endure while some brands simply falter in comparison.

Even an entry-level Stihl Chainsaw such as the MS 171, has shown to be well capable of providing real-world solutions to both property maintenance and disaster cleanup.

What’s more, ergonomic design & vibration reducing technology, allows the contemporary Stihl to convert unpleasant chores into manageable activities.

Besides, Stihl Products are exceptionally reliable and can be counted on routinely; thus, Used Stihl Chainsaws are viable options for adequate preparedness should a storm/disaster arise.

Moreover, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to clear limbs or tame trees with an incapable piece of machinery.

It’s not only discouraging, but can be extremely dangerous as well.

While elevated in a tree, having a chainsaw get stuck ‘mid-slice’, ultimately causes one to struggle and attempt to force the blade through the cut.

Yet, as is true in the kitchen, it’s never wise to force blades of any type; not only can one injure himself with the chainsaw, but can very well fall out of the tree due to unbalanced weight distribution.

Therefore, it is essential that one obtain suitable equipment when operating at heightened levels of difficulty, danger.

To further determine the correct Stihl Chainsaw for your situation(s), we will now discuss the variant categories available.

The Six (6) Classes of Stihl Chainsaws

(1) Residential/Occasional Use Chainsaws

(2) Medium Duty/Frequent Use Chainsaws

(3) Professional Grade Capacity

(4) Commercial Tree Service Occupation

(5) Electric Chainsaws

(6) Emergency Service Chainsaws—specifically designed for quick deployment, easy accessibility for Fire Rescue and Public Service Professionals.

Another great thing about the Stihl Brand is that one receives unmatched assistance and ‘service-after-purchase’ due to its exclusive dealer network through which Stihl markets, distributes, and sales all equipment.

This means that you won’t find a Stihl Chainsaw at any large retailers or ‘big-box stores’—allowing for exemplary customer service, product knowledge, and familiarity with the person from whom you are buying.

Accompanied with admirable manufacturing, these fundamental principles nurture consumer loyalty, brand recognition that can’t be attained via mass retail.

That’s why when you visit an Authorized Stihl Chainsaw Distributor, you receive in-depth product knowledge, demos, and an earnest dedication to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

As previously detailed, there are six general classes by which Stihl Chainsaws are assorted and the first is for residential operation.

Beginning with the Stihl MS 170, the residential line consists of twelve (12) independent models (one of which being electrically powered).

Moreover, the MS 170 is lightweight, ideal for occasional trimming + seasonal cleanup around the home.

With an active, 30cc engine and a comfortable 9 pound weight, this is a very convenient entry-level model.

Subsequently, the Stihl MS 171 is slightly heavier (10 pounds) and offers some distinct features from its 170 ‘comrade.’

Reduced emission technology, along with a proprietary anti-kickback mechanism, the Stihl MS 171 is formidable for many around-the-home projects.

A few examples for which the Stihl MS 171 can be activated are: cutting logs to be used as firewood, felling small to medium-size trees, manicuring branches for cosmetic and/or practical purpose(s.)

Finally, the top residential chainsaws are the Stihl MS 250 and 250 C–BE respectively.

As for weight, the MS 250 is about 10 pounds while the MS 250 C–BE is close to 11.

Also, these ‘top-shelf’ models are equipped with Stihl’s revolutionary Easy2Start™ technology which makes ignition much less difficult, time-consuming than quite-a-few competitors’ in this category.

Further, the medium-duty line is, perhaps, the most versatile group in Stihl’s Arsenal.

Stihl Medium, Heavy-Duty Chainsaws

Beginning with a powerful, battery charged version, the frequent user class produces variant options for numerous circumstances.

The Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ is a 36V Lithium Ion charged saw that contributes well to the mid-range category.

However, the chief model in the medium-duty collection is the Stihl MS 391—which has been improved for greater fuel efficiency and lower harmful emissions into the environment.

Additionally, with enhanced fuel consumption, an owner saves on both gasoline and maintenance costs thanks to the overall cleaner running engine.

Weighing at just over 14 pounds, the Stihl MS 391 offers world-class power without sacrificing user-experience in the process.

Conclusively, with respect to the Professional Series Models, the major difference between the Stihl Tree Service Line and the other commercial chainsaws, are they are designed for ‘in-tree’ affairs.

Specifically constructed for arborists and other tree specialists, Stihl makes the MS 192 T C–E and the MS 201 T (light-weight and made to be used at higher elevations.)

Moving forward, the Professional Rescue Service Industries have relied heavily on the well-received Stihl MS 460 Magnum® “RESCUE” chainsaw.

With proprietary designs for both safety and ease-of-use, the MS 460 is the number one selection of emergency rescue personnel.

Not to be out-done, the new wave of Stihl Electric Chainsaws add considerable value to the overall brand of Stihl as well.

Accessible in either light, medium, or commercial-grade capacity, the Stihl Electric Chainsaws are gaining in popularity; & as more people become environmentally aware/accountable we expect this trend to continue.

Finally, we have reached the most hefty category of Stihl Chainsaws

available: the commercial use/high-powered group.

With over ten (10) premium quality, expertly assembled models, the professional group is uniquely in a class of its own.

At the head of which, Stihl offers an impressive MS 880 Magnum® Chainsaw that weighs-in sturdily at over 20 pounds.

Candidly, the Stihl MS 880 is a technological wonder and is not recommended for the novice or inexperienced; it’s much too powerful and robust for an amateur handler (in my humble opinion.)

In conclusion, Stihl Chainsaws are positively, without-a-doubt, THE world-wide leader in both chainsaw sales and client retention.

In result of sleek designs, ergonomic composition, environmental consciousness, and multiple industry novelties, it’s safe to imply that Stihl Chainsaws will remain dominant for many years to come.