Generac 5500xl

Classic, Well-Made Portable Electric Generator: Generac 5500XL

Generac 5500XL portable gas generators are absolute classics, define the ago ole adage of an ‘oldie-but-goodie.’

This particular unit is one of the many Generac XL/EXL models

produced several years ago.

As the 5500XL is no longer in-production, the most effective way to source one is by actively searching for used portable generators for sale.

If anyone was looking for the quintessential model to help build your own generator, then the Generac 5500XL is just that.

Expertly manufactured with a robust Generac Engine, we’ve encountered several units still running strongly after 400+ hours of operation.

Longevity is surely a strong-suit of the company’s engineers, as even contemporary standards continue to be raised by the latest Generac 5000 Watt Generator.


Benefits of Generac 5500XL Portable Generators

When it comes to this Generac 5500, the easy-to-maneuver size combined with sufficient power output, makes it an ideal model for more frequent transport.

Historically, many portable units were made to be (solely) used while on-the-go.

Even still, the variant classes of Generac Wheelhouse Generators are frequently utilized at ‘mobile’ events like tail-gating, camping, and outdoor functions, in general.

Obviously, portability is polar opposite of Generac Standby Generators; although, it’s definitely not impossible to re-locate a Guardian, if necessary.

Generac Power Generators

The fact that the 5500XL was developed during a time when Generac Power Systems was beginning to more aggressively advance its portable division, provides a bit more context about its exemplary construction.

Back then—as they still are today—Generac Generator Parts were made with the highest quality components, genuinely built-to-last.

In result, the Generac 5500XL lends itself well to all sorts of events, has proven to be reliable and efficient over time.

(Which is why it continues to rank as a premier used portable generator for sale.)


Generac Engine Parts Relative to the 5500XL

As aforementioned, the time-frame during which this Generac 5500 was in-production, the company had a clear ambition to further bolster its portable gas powered division.

Then current engines—the predecessors to Generac’s OHVIs of today—can be compared to some manufacturers’ (contemporary) capabilities, production.

Without question, the engineering foresight of the brand has been second-to-none, is evident in every product introduced throughout the years.

The Generac Engine Parts found in the 5500XL have directly

contributed to its continued success, made short-term engine repair a non-issue.

Longevity is always a welcome attribute of any type of equipment; portable emergency backup power is no different.

And, it’s not only the 550XL that displays this invaluable quality…


We’ve also encountered XL and EXL models with which owners have had similar success.

As a matter-of-fact, a smaller version of this 5500—the Generac 3500XL—has also been identified as a ‘must-have’ portable generator for sale.

There’s also a larger unit similar to the 5500XL that I’ve witnessed in operation with well over 450 hours of (original part) production.

(The actual model about which I speak is the Generac 7500EXL.)

Thus, when multiple portables—all built within the same ‘generation’—perform with the efficiency, fervor of a standby Generac Propane Generator, one develops a thorough appreciation of the consistent quality-of-craftsmanship of the brand.

The Generac 5500XL is a superbly fabricated machine, has enabled countless individuals to enjoy life without boundaries!