Generac Portable Generators

Countless Users are ‘Empowered’ by Generac Portable Generators

The reverence for Generac Portable Generators has rapidly

evolved to a point where the legendary brand is no longer (exclusively) praised for residential standby units.

With approximately twenty-five (25) models from which to choose, the opportunities for consumers is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Also found within these ‘ranks,’ is a portable Generac LP Generator—model #6000—which continues to perform admirably for many people who own them.

The 6000 is a medium capacity Generac Propane Generator, is exceedingly efficient, quiet while in operation.

Conveniently, Generac Portable Generators are categorized rather simply…

There are basically three (3) independent lines:

(a) iX (portable inverter generators);

(b) GP Series (all-purpose/recreational);

(c) XG (rugged, powerful);

(d) Generac LP (liquid propane powered);

(e) And the new, XP Class—professional grade performance for heavy-duty, construction-type applications.

Simplicity and ease-of-use has always been successful for Generac Power Systems, remains a key selling-point when assisting prospective customers.

Expectations of a Portable Generac Generator

Initially, in order to ‘set-the-stage’ for the technical specifications, we must highlight the ‘back-bone’ of a Generac Generator: The proprietary Generac Engine.

The Generac OHVI (Overhead Valve Intake) Engine is the only motor exclusively designed for electric generators.

This means one can expect absolute performance, consistency from all Generac Portable Generators, without ‘fretting’ over whether-or-not Your engine will last over time.

Another benefit of the OHVI is that, for a number of different models, Generac Engine Parts are cross-compatible; thus, if one specializes, or, has an interest in Generac Generator Repair, then the task is much less meticulous than organizing multiple parts for different models.

Specifically, from the inverter line of iX Generators, one can be certain the most stable form of electric current is being transferred from these precision-tuned machines.

There are currently four (4) iX models available—beginning with the 5791 (800 Watt Output Inverter.)

Subsequently, we have the 5842, which, produces 1400 Watts of electric generator power, and is CARB (California Air Resource Board) Compliant.

(Essentially, this means the equipment has been approved for sale in the state of California.)

The final two (2) models in the iX Class are the 5792 (1200W) and the 5793 (2000 Watt Inverter), respectively.

With respect to the XG Series, I consider this the light-construction line now that the XP units have been released.

A few key models in this class are: 5976 (Generac 6500 Watt Generator); 5844 (CARB Compliant, 4000W Portable); and the 5802 (10000 Watt Wheelhouse.)

We’ve now reached the heralded GP Line of Generac Portable Generators, and there’s one that has already distinguished itself from all others…

Of course, we’re speaking of the Generac 5735.

This massive, 17500 Watt (17.5kW) portable electric generator rivals some of the most popular natural gas home generators of today.

The major difference is that, well, it’s portable.

(While certainly capable of supplying ample power to a home, it must be manually employed, when necessary.

Ways to Find a Cheap Portable Generator For Sale

While there are variant manufacturers that customarily advertise ‘cheap generators,’ the quality of some turns-out to be just that: cheap.

The process of sourcing quality, well-made portable gas generators at discounted pricing is always less straight-forward.

An age-old method by which to save on backup power equipment is to locate a used portable generator for sale.

In fact, there are entities that specialize in aggregating pre-owned equipment, and used electric generators is definitely a focus of such operations.

With the growing popularity of Generac Portable Generators,

there will always be a healthy market-place for functional, used machinery.

(Speaking-of-which, one-of the most reliable used models available, is the Generac 4000XL.)

Alternatively, one can pursue less expensive brands that have solid reputations for both quality and reliability.

The number of ‘affordable’ makers of quality, portable reserve energy equipment could no doubt be more; however, there is one California Corporation deserving of unabashed recognition.

Champion Power Equipment, Inc., that fabricator of Champion Generators offers a fulfilling selection of portable electric generators.

(Hence, if one is currently not in position to obtain more costly, Generac Portable Generators, this brand makes-for a viable ‘substitute.’)