Generac Power Systems

Generac Power Systems

by Editorial Staff Member

Generac Power Systems are the undisputed leaders in backup power equipment world-wide.

Founder over fifty (50) years ago, Generac has blossomed into one-of the true manufacturing marvels, has continued to both evolve-and-innovate over time.

A testament to how effective a company’s efforts have been can consistently be measured by the expressed appreciation from those who matter most to any business: its customers.

Authorized Generac Dealers are the first-line representatives of Generac Power Systems, Inc. , and provide consumer oriented services to existing + prospective customers.

Obviously, there’s significant time invested in each customer that shows interest in one-of these products, and there are trained professionals to adequately assist each of them.

Historically, the brand has been (near) synonymous with natural gas/propane powered home electric generators; however, there is a thriving market for Generac Portable Generators as well.

Generac Portable Generators for Home Use

Another important aspect that sets Generac Power Systems apart is its comprehensive product catalog—spanning from mobile, 800 watt inverter units to massive, 60kW Guardian Generators—that allows for tremendous variety, selection.

Within the ‘ranks’ of Generac Portable Generators, there are well over ten (10) variant models that command an impressive market-share on their own.

For example, the Generac 5943 (7500 Watt) generator frequently gets searched for, viewed, and ultimately purchased over a number of competing websites.

Based on aggregate customer feedback, the general qualities of this model appeal to those in need of reliable reserve energy while on-the-go.

Basically, the portable offering from Generac Power Systems are categorized in three (3) ways: iX; GP; and XG generators.

The Generac iX Portable Generators can be considered the ‘light-duty’ class, as the capacities range from 800 – 2000 Watts.

Notably, the four (4) models currently offered are inverters designed to replicate the stable, consistent electrical current of a residence.

Thus, portable gas inverter generators are essential to those planning to operate more sensitive products; e.g., computers, external hard-drives, etc.

Furthermore, the GP line begins at 1,800 Watts and goes up-to the largest portable capacity available (from any brand): 17,500 Watts.

Speaking of which, the Generac 5735 continues to amaze even the most ardent of equipment aficionados.

The output capacity of this unit is no-less-than remarkable, and rivals the capability of many whole house generators .

Other quality Generac GP Generators are the: 5940 (6,500W); 6000 (3,250 Watt Generac Propane Generator ); and 5978 (7,500 Watts of efficient backup power.)

Finally, to conclude our discussion about Generac Portable Generators for home use, we’ll briefly ‘touch-on’ the tertiary (and final) class: XG units.

XG Portable Generators are considered the rugged line, and are commonly used on construction projects.

Ranging between 4,000 and 10,000 Watts, any model will be well worth the investment if You come across an XG portable generator for sale.

Generac Natural Gas Home Generators

Generac Guardian Standby Generators are regarded as the ‘kings’ of residential backup power, can be employed with either natural gas or liquid propane fuels.

Generally, home electric generators are installed locally be a service technician from regional Generac Dealers , so determining which power source is apt can be discussed with this person, if desired.

There are indeed advantages of utilizing Guardians as natural gas home generators, and many are based on locale + (fuel) availability.

Even as natural gas operation yields a slightly less output, Generac Power Systems are made to perform equally well with either.

Much of this high quality operation can be attributed to the proprietary Generac Power Transfer System relative to each Guardian manufactured.