Home Electric Generators

Regardless of Weather, ‘Life-Goes-On’ With Home Electric Generators

Home electric generators represent the epitome of responsibility, emergency preparedness.

Countless homes—both in the U.S., and across-the-globe—are simply not prepared for extended power loss/interruption.

This is especially troubling for those who live in ‘high-disaster-risk’ areas, since it is generally more likely for these residences to, at one point or another, need the services of home electric generators.

Although the overall number of house-holds equipped with reliable emergency backup power remains below recommendations, we have been encouraged by the consistent installation of many of the more renowned brands in reserve energy equipment.

Specifically, Generac Home Backup Generators receive sustained interest throughout the entire year.

Unsurprisingly, Generac Power Systems, Inc. has been a staple in the industry, continues to both innovate + pioneer as the leader in residential electric generators for home use.

Generac Centurion Generators for Home use

Centurion Generators are a lesser-known variety from the legendary manufacturer, as many recognize the brand for its award-winning Guardian Series Standby Generators for home use.

In fact, the Residential Centurion Line closely resembles the Guardian Series; however, there are considerably fewer models available.

(The most comforting aspect of this ‘auxiliary’ category is that, being a certified Generac Generator, one has full confidence in the quality, craftsmanship, and warranty of the equipment.)

There are basically six (6) variant models of residential Centurion Generators; beginning with the Generac 7000—7kW ES (model #5888), and ending with the 20kW (20,000 Watt) 5896.

Generally, one may conveniently locate this line at the prominent home improvement store Lowe’s.

Furthermore, in addition to the multiple types of home electric generators, Centurion builds even more commercial standbys than for home use.

Commercial Generac LP Generators are held in high esteem for their user-friendly applications, serviceability.

This is exactly why many Commercial Centurion Generators are selected over ‘rival’ brands, as consumers have come to trust the most dominant name in emergency power equipment: Generac.

Even while the industry leader has maintained an impressive market-share, there are other companies that remain highly competitive indeed.

For example, Kohler Generators are widely considered some of—if not the most—reliable units of all.

Additionally, the technologically brilliant selection of Kohler Automatic Transfer Switches is a compelling selling-point for many prospective customers as well.

As each manufacturer varies in its administration of service, maintenance, and repair, one should be keen to research these topics prior to ultimately selecting a whole house generator.

Finding Services Like Onan Generator Repair

Even as home electric generators are considered investments,

they must still be addressed like any other type of power equipment one owns.

Conveniently, however, the majority of automatic standby generators perform weekly exercise activities which allow the internal sensors, monitoring software to ensure the unit remains in optimal condition.

What’s more, innovative models such as the Kohler 20RESAL, can be monitored remotely, away-from-home.

(With nothing more than an internet connection, one can easily view the current status of the unit from anywhere in the world!)

Notwithstanding all of these advancements, generators for home use still require maintenance-and-repair, when necessary.

Thus, the most efficient means by which to summon trusted service for is to contact a local, full-service dealer in the area.

Available at most Onan Dealers—as is consistent with all manufacturers—are knowledgeable, experienced technicians who can thoroughly address any concerns with their brands’ products.

They will be fully equipped to handle any inquiries relative to their home electric generators, and, in this case, provide Onan Generator Repair as well.