Honda 2000i Generator

A ‘Stand-Out’ in Portable Equipment is the Honda 2000i Generator

The Honda 2000i Generator is one-of the many portable gas generators manufactured by the legendary, Japanese-based titan.

As a 2000 watt generator, the 2000i—or, EU2000i to be exact—

provides considerable amounts of clean, consistent power to address a variety of energy demands; both residential, and, recreational.

Given the majority of consumers are not familiar with portable generator ratings, it’s advisable to visit the manufacturer’s website to utilize their proprietary ‘demand’ guides in-order-to accurately determine which type/capacity will best suit one’s needs.

When sizing a prospective Honda Inverter Generator, one must also account for the (added) benefit(s) of a more stable, even current—as opposed to standard electric generator power whereby substantial arcs could occur.

Generally, for most appliances and electronics, this is a non-issue; however, for sensitive devices like computers, inconsistent electrical flow could indeed cause damage to the central components therein.

Another appreciable aspect of the Honda 2000i Generator is that the portable generator enclosure is mechanically sound, made with high-quality materials, and is definitely built to withstand the tests-of-time.

Benefits of a Honda Inverter Generator

Primarily, the chief highlight of the Honda 2000i Generator, is that steady delivery of premium electricity makes it the ultimate in mobile electric generator power.

If You’re even minimally familiar with the intricacies of Honda Small Engine Repair, then You have insight as to what makes this brand a formidable competitor in such a dynamic array of automobiles and equipment.

Or, if one has ever navigated a Honda Generator Manual, the unmistakable forethought, attention-to-detail is on full display throughout.

In combination with the ever-expanding service centers, Honda Generator Parts are relatively easy to locate; hence, if there’s ever a need to service the equipment, one has more-than-one option to do so!

Finally, the EU2000i Honda Inverter Generator promotes some of the best features in its class…

Originally gaining notoriety for its outstanding fuel-efficiency, it is now recognized as one of the quietest portable gas generators available.

Manufacturer Specs for This Honda 2000 Watt Generator

Technically, the EU2000i is a 2000 Watt Generator and (incredibly) weighs less-than 50lbs.—this means it can be transported at greater ease than a smaller capacity, non-inverter, 1500W generator.

Being that it’s of premium quality, one can be prepared to pay somewhat more than for, ‘say,’ used portable generators; although, more-than-likely, the warranty on used models is either non-transferable, or, non-existent.

This portable gas powered Honda Inverter Generator performs equally well in domestic, recreational, and, general outdoors employment.

While in-the-home, a Honda 2000 Watt Generator can efficiently

power a reduced energy refrigerator + other common kitchen accessories; e.g., microwave, food processor, blender, and more.

In part, this is due-to the ultra-quiet, Honda GX100 Engine which rates at 98.5cc—additionally, the electric generator power is attributed to the ‘top-shelf’ Honda generator parts implemented in each-and-every model made. There’s a generous, three (3) year warranty on all new units as well.

This unit comes with 20A outlets (120V/2000W AC Output); 12V/96W (DC Output.)

Again, with exemplary portable generator ratings, it can run for more than four (4) hours at full capacity, or, well over nine (9) hours at 25% rated load.

(The Honda 2000i Generator has a fuel capacity of just over one (1) full gallon.)