How I Discovered Generators For Home Use

How I Discovered Generators For Home Use

by Editorial Staff Member

A few years ago I became aware of generators for home use after my hometown will was hit by an unexpected snowstorm that knocked out the power for almost two weeks.

I, my family, and all of our neighbors were without electricity for over 10 days before some of us got it restored to minimal levels—only a limited number of outlets/switches successfully worked.

As I recall, it was about 4-to-5 days into the disaster when I finally gave-in and drove nearly 40 miles to the next county to purchase a generator (my family and I couldn’t bear the cold anymore.)

Once set-up, the generator allowed us to go about our normal routines and not worry too much about the issue(s) with the utility services.

I was elated to actually find one of the last generators for home use available at the local hardware store in the town to which I traveled (nearly an hour away from our home.)

My only frustrations with the whole ordeal was that I didn’t already have a home generator and that I waited those four days until I went out to buy one.

The generator not only allowed me to adequately heat our home, but also powered multiple electronics and the computer I use to run my home business.

I also felt proud, humbled because several of my neighbors came over since they weren’t able to afford a generator and needed sanctuary from the intolerable conditions of the snowstorm.

Propane Generators For Home Use

Furthermore, even after three years, I still utilize my generator from time-to-time because it actually saves on electric bills during the summer when rates are at their peak.

Although, I’m not sure if this strategy would be of assistance for a gasoline type; although, for portable propane generators, this has worked well for the last couple of summers!

Besides, there have also been occasions where we had to be away for a day-or-so and didn’t want to come-back to an ice cold home.

Thus, I’d make sure the propane tanks were full and run the generator at its lowest output to supply minimal heat to our family room until we returned.

Honestly, I can’t believe how long I went before actually purchasing, or even considering, generators for home use since ours has made life so much more convenient and worry-free…

always perform the scheduled maintenance per the manufacturer’s recommendations as my goal is to use this machinery for as long as possible.

Eventually, however, I aspire to shop for whole house generators and keep this one as a reserve in case something goes wrong with the standby model.

Speaking of which, I have been looking into Kohler Generators as they are highly regarded, and have an impressive record for satisfaction, performance.

In regards to the portable brand that I bought, I was fortunate to find (what I later learned was) the best kind available: Generac Generators.

At the time, I would’ve literally bought anything accessible and it just-so-happened that Generac’s LP Series was the only line the store carried.

I can’t accurately recall how much I paid for it back then, but I’m sure the price is a bit different these days; however, I would definitely buy it again as a result of the convenience and value we’ve received from our generator for home use.

Finally, one of the first questions I asked the Store Owner was if a portable model could power my appliances and computer simultaneously—unfortunately, I knew very little about generators at that time.

In response, the owner was very helpful & knowledgeable about generators for home use, and assured me that the Generac LP Model was indeed capable of addressing our needs.

So, if you’re thinking about generators for home use, I would definitely recommend doing some research (as you are now) and not hesitating to make the investment because it will be of tremendous benefit for both you and your family… Good Luck!