Kohler 20resa

20kW Natural Gas/Propane Powered Kohler 20RESA Generator

Kohler 20RESA, 20kW Propane Powered Generators provide extraordinary power, efficiency, and reliability.

Boasting an impressive, 20,000 Watts of unbridled ‘strength’, these expertly built home generators will afford You, and, Your loved-ones both peace-of-mind and comfort.

Kohler Power Systems are definitely premium-machines.

(Not to mention, the equipment is greatly enhanced when utilized with the ‘world-class’ Kohler Transfer Switches.)

Transfer Switches For Kohler 20RESA Generators

For starters, perhaps, we should briefly address what ‘transfer switches’ are, and how they relate to generator operation, maintenance.

Fundamentally, a transfer switch does just that; ‘transfers’ power out-of the generator, and into the electrical panel of the facility.

This clarifies the automatic prefix to (most) switches designed to administer, monitor standby—AKA fixed—generators.

Now, back-to the original notion; we’ll briefly highlight some of the more prominent transfer switches relative to this 20 kW generator…

(a) Kohler RXT-JFNC-0100A (Residential 100 Amp Nema 3 Automatic Initiation)

(b) RXT-JFNC-0200A (Residential 200 Amp Nema 3 Automatic Switch)

(c) RXT-JFNC-0400A (Residential 400 Amp Nema 3 Automatic Transfer Switch)

(d) RXT- JFNC-0400ASE (Residential 400 Amp Nema 3 Service Rated Automatic Transfer Switch)

Further, there are a few more automatic switches for the 20RESA; however, for brevity’s sake, we’ve abbreviated the list so-as-to not detract from the ‘star’ of this page: 20RESA propane powered generators.

Kohler 20RESA, 20 kW Generator Specs

Conveniently, this 20 kW Generator is engineered with self-sustaining measures which prevent cataclysmic damage to vital components.

For example, the automatic low oil pressure [mechanism] detects when there’s insufficient oil in the motor, then, turns-it-off in response.

Additionally, the relative ‘dimensions’ of the 20RESA—for those in need of precise measurements—are given (in inches) as follows: 48L x 26.2W x 29H.

Another highlight of this unit is the proprietary Kohler CH1000, 999cc, 3600 RPM, 60 Hertz, Air-Cooled Engine with which it operates.

Finally, 20kW Kohler Generators are, indeed, made in the United States + come-with generous, Five (5) Year Warranties.

In response to inquiries about ‘noise-levels’ for this larger, 20kW generator, we’re delighted to say that, even with the increased output, it only registers a mere 69dBA Rating.

Power Ratings for Kohler 20RESA Natural Gas/Propane Powered Generators

As aforementioned, the 20RESA is, technically, a 20kW generator; although, in reality, liquid propane fuel is the only type— juxtaposed to natural gas—that runs at this capacity.

Below, we’ll list the pertinent outputs while in-operation-as natural gas, propane powered generators.

(i) Liquid Propane ‘runs’ up-to the (full) 20kW capacity;

(ii) While Natural Gas ‘tops-out’ at slightly a lower, 18kW.

For some, the question whether to utilize either natural gas, or, liquid propane is simply answered as, “Whichever provides more power—duh!”

Well, while I agree with (the logic of) that assessment, there are situations/circumstances whereby it’d be impractical (or impossible) to access enough propane to support this application.

Thus, natural gas would, by default, become the ‘preferred’ fuel in regards…

Conclusively, as we’ve seen, 20kW Kohler 20RESA Natural Gas/Propane Powered Generators for home use, are top-quality machines that proffer supreme value, versatility!