Kohler 20 Resal Generator

Countless Families Gain Solstice From a Kohler 20RESAL Generator

Optimally manufactured, the Kohler 20RESAL Generator is ideal for average sized single-family residences.

This unit is not overly bulky, or, cumbersome; however, it does provide a very efficient-and-consistent 20kW of reliable emergency backup power.

The Kohler 20RESAL Generator is similar to many other models

from Kohler Power Systems in that it is also an air-cooled unit, and is ‘cross compatible’ with either natural gas or liquid propane fuel.

In terms of sufficient capacity, generally, 20kW (20,000 watts) provides more than enough reserve energy for structures of around 5,000 square feet—easily, a family can power all continuous appliances; e.g., a refrigerator, electric stove, freezer(s), HVAC System, alarm/security systems, etc.

Not only will the 20RESAL maintain all critical components, but will also ‘carry’ several auxiliary electronics and devices as well: (multiple) Television(s), computers, stereo systems, lamps, and more.

Kohler 20RESAL Natural Gas Home Generators

As we previously alluded to, the full line of Kohler Power Systems can either be utilized with natural gas, or, liquid propane fuel.

The majority of our customers usually have neither a specified preference, or are limited in their ability to source one-of the power sources; thus, there is little worry about the slight variances in performance.

(Although, there are instances when a prospective customer’s decision to pursue, ‘say,’ natural gas over propane is based solely on familiarity/level-of-comfort, rather than anything else.)

If selecting the most suitable fuel type seems a bit daunting, I want to re-assure You that it’s not: Basically, these units can be purchased + shipped universally; the actual ‘decision’ about using natural gas or propane is made in-the-field (i.e., at one’s place of installation/residence.)

This makes it much more comforting—according to several customer with whom we’ve spoken about this—to know that even if one’s presently unsure as to which would be most apt for the ultimate set-up, it doesn’t affect the availability, pricing, or functionality of the generator itself.

Technically, there is a capacity difference when running Kohler 20RESAL Natural Gas Home Generators as opposed to propane powered ones: The total natural gas capacity is 18kW, instead of 20kW.

Kohler 20RESAL Propane Powered Generators

Now, let’s discuss the output rating of this Kohler emergency standby unit while being powered by liquid propane fuel…

Again, we’ve had several customers who did not have specified fuel preferences, and were only concerned with the actual performance of the generator while in-operation.

Given that being employed as propane powered generators affords one the maximum available capacity from Kohler Generators, many

elect to implement liquid propane tanks as the primary power source for the equipment.

While this—of-and-by itself—generally won’t be the sole reason one decides to use propane, when accounting for all of the benefits and attributes of this clean-burning, highly efficient gas, it’s definitely a wise option to consider, if possible.

As the Kohler 20RESAL Generator is on-of the larger capacity generators from Kohler, the long-term ‘gains’ will certainly become apparent in more ways than one!