Kohler 30resa

Some Of The Most Advanced Gensets Available Are Kohler 30RESA Generators

Kohler 30RESA Generators are the ‘heavy-residential/light-commercial’ gensets manufactured by Kohler Power Systems.

The 30RESA generator is a 30kW (30,000 Watt), Natural Gas/Liquid Propane stand-by model that will conveniently, efficiently re-instate power to a relatively large-sized structure.

Not only is this model fully compatible with a number of the industry-leading Kohler Transfer Switches, but is also equipped with an additional oil reservoir which is a clever ‘touch’ by Kohler Engineers.

Moreover, thanks-to the presence of this extra ‘res,’ the most vital (internal) components of the genset receive even greater insurance with respect to longevity, viability of the equipment.

Kohler 30RESA Natural Gas Generators Are Fuel-Efficient, Reliable

30kW Natural Gas Kohler Stand-by Generators, AKA Kohler 30RESAs, afford owners welcome peace-of-mind in conjunction with ‘top-tier’ operating-efficiency.

Generally speaking, both Natural Gas, Liquid Propane burns much more efficiently than does gasoline (and, even diesel for that matter.)

Thus, being that a 30kW Kohler Whole House Generator is best suited for larger facilities, ‘say,’ 10,000 ft² minimum, it’s rather simple to quantify the overall savings in operating a Natural Gas Home Generator.

Even as the 30RESA Generator is one of the most user-friendly, easy-to-operate gensets of this capacity, naturally, there are some basic maintenance requirements associated with this equipment…

(1) As a prudent habit of ownership, one should routinely monitor, record the relative oil level(s) of both the generator’s motor + back-up oil res (at least) monthly;

(2) We recommend to follow the same process in relation to the battery responsible for starting the equipment.

Transfer Switches For Kohler 30RESA Home Generators

Important:  Kohler, and virtually ALL other standby generators, are most effectively operated by instruments called transfer switches which, basically, ‘regulate’ the equipment’s capabilities/functionality.

In essence, a transfer switch is an intricate, sophisticated device which is ‘hard-wired’ into a structure’s electrical panel, detects when an outage (from the utility company) has occurred, automatically powers-on the generator in result.

Fortunately, as there are several possible combinations, 30RESAs from Kohler can be optimally controlled-by a number of variant switches.

A couple of the more popular Transfer Switches for the 30RESA are: Kohler RDT-CFNC-0200ASE, and Kohler RDT-CFNC-0400ASE, respectively.

(The former of which has a 200A capacity, while the latter is rated at 400 Amperes.)

The overall value of a ‘quick-start’ automatic transfer switch goes beyond the (obvious) benefit of hands-off operation—it ensures proper utilization of the machine by serving as an onsite monitoring station as well.

Every Kohler Generator is enhanced by these state-of-the-art mechanisms; however, with an investment as substantial as the Natural Gas 30RESA, hiccup-free employment is paramount to long-term customer satisfaction.

Kohler 30RESA Generators Come With Hassle-Free Warranties

Each year, more-and-more companies implement onerous, difficult-to-understand warranty policies for one reason or another.

Theoretically, these brands calculate that they will ultimately save more in the long-run by ‘short-changing’ buyers in several departments, categories.

Unfortunately for consumers, one of these categories is relative to end-user warranty policies/eligibility.

Again, businesses determine that their bottom-lines will increase by decreasing honorable services such as warranty periods.

Over a short period-of-time, perhaps, companies may add revenue to their enterprise(s) by taking this approach…

Although, in my estimation, in the long-run, these brands may experience a lesser rate-of-growth (market) if buyers aren’t 100% confident that a hard-earned investment is fully covered by a reasonable manufacturers warranty.

Alas, this is of no concern with 30RESA Generators by Kohler since each unit is backed-by a ‘free-from-defect’ five (5) year warranty!