Kohler 8.5RES

by Editorial Staff Member
(Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A)

Kohler 8.5RES air-cooled generators for home use afford property owners un-paralleled customization, automatic functionality. Equipped with capable, 8.5kW of liquid propane powered backup energy the 8.5RES is ideal for average-to-mid-sized homes.

These natural gas whole house generators are covered by a generous five (5) year warranty, entail an investment saving low-oil-pressure shut-off mechanism, and bare the world-famous Kohler Brand Name.

That being said, Kohler Generators are openly heralded as some of the most consistent + reliable standby units in the industry.

(This is simply another testament of the overall quality, craftsmanship synonymous with Kohler and all products manufactured therefrom.)

What’s more, the Kohler 8.5RES Generator is relatively quiet and light-weight; in consideration of the robust capacity, ‘sewing-machine-like’ operation, a 65 decibel noise-rating is truly a well received bonus.

Transfer Switches for Kohler 8.5RES Generator

In addition to being supremely well fabricated and reliable, Kohler Power Systems are facilitated by some of—if not the most—advanced transfer switches on earth.

Highlighted by ‘Intelligauge™’ Software, Kohler Transfer Switches allow owners to rest easily while at home, and, do the same while on-the-go as well.

(Remarkably, when complemented by a compatible transfer switch, Kohler Generators can be proactively monitored via the internet.)

Thanks to the feedback we’ve received from a number of recent customers, the transfer switch purchased with their Kohler 8.5RES Generator was the most welcome surprise of all.

Many stated that working with both the generator, and, transfer switch was a seamless process—a considerable deviation from some of the frustrating experiences some had with pairing other manufacturers Finally, we’ll now list several of the most popular and apt transfer switches for the Kohler 8.5RES Generator

(a)  Kohler RDT-CFNA-0100A (NEMA 1, 100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch; Time-Delay Engine Start & Cool-Down; Exerciser automatically operates the generator for 20 minutes each week)

(b)  Kohler RDT-CFNC-0200A (200 Amp, 2-Pole Automatic Transfer Switch; NEMA 1)

(c)  Kohler RDT-CFNC-0400A (Single Phase, 400A Auto Switch; Indoor Rated Only)

(d)  Kohler RDT-CFNC-0100B (NEMA 1 With 12 Circuit Load Center; 100 Amp Capacity—Automatic Operation)

(e)  Kohler RDT-CFNC-0200B (Single-Phase, Open Transition, 200 Amp 24 Circuit Transfer Switch; NEMA 3R).

Technical Specs of Kohler 8.5RES Generators

Naturally, the majority of prospective power system owners are, initially, inclined to inquire about a the output ratings for the equipment.

This can at times be surprising to unaware customers since the actual ratings differ, depending on which fuel source is being employed: Natural Gas runs at 7kW (7,000 Watts); Liquid Propane operates at the 8.5kW (8,500 Watts.)

The generator weighs around 400 pounds, is UL Listed, and is controlled by (aforementioned) automatic, electric start transfer switches.

The voltage is the the U.S. standard, 120/240 Single-Phase variety—this Kohler Generator is made in the United States as well, boasts a 15+ HP Engine.

Finally, the 8.5RES has a four (4) ton A/C Rating, 60 Hz Frequency, and is ‘housed’ in a sturdy, all weather enclosure.

The Rated Amps for this unit is as follows: 27 for Natural Gas; 35 for Liquid Propane Fuel.