Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators

Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators

by Editorial Staff Member

Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators are, actually, liquid propane powered generators as well.

This seemingly ‘impractical’ fact is the result of advanced engineering, invaluable years-of-experience in electric backup power manufacturing.

Technically, Kohler Standby Generators can be effectively powered-by either natural gas or liquid-propane fuels.

Thus, we feel compelled to illuminate the fact that the equipment can only be utilized by one (1) of these gases at a time.

(For example, an owner/operator must decide which fuel he’d like to use prior to engaging the equipment; it is NOT possible to utilize both natural gas + propane gas concurrently.)

Furthermore, due to this fact, the relative ‘Power Capacities’ for each fuel-type (slightly) varies…

Power Ratings For Kohler Natural Gas Home Generators

As aforementioned, there is a consequential variance in ultimate output capabilities for both fuel types.

Subsequently, we will list the most common Kohler Generators, along with their corresponding natural gas ‘power-numbers’…

(1)  Kohler 30RESA: 27kW (Kilowatts), 27,000 Watts;

(2)  Kohler 20RESAL: 18kW (Kilowatts), 18,000 Watts;

(3)  Kohler 20RESA: 18kW (Kilowatts), 18,000 Watts;

(4)  Kohler 14RESAL: 12kW (Kilowatts), 12,000 Watts;

(5)  Kohler 14RESA: 12kW (Kilowatts), 12,000 Watts;

(6)  Kohler 8.5RES: 7kW (Kilowatts), 7,000 Watts.