Champion 46561

Efficient, Distinguishable 3500 Watt Generators: Champion 46561

The Champion 46561 is by no means your typical, average portable gas generator.

First-of-all, a handy, remote start capability places this model over some other brands’ (almost) by default.

3500 Watt generators are exceptionally versatile, so, a ‘pocket-sized,’ battery-powered remote takes full advantage of the equipment’s versatility.

Serving as a ‘poster’ Champion Portable Generator, the gas-powered 46561 consistently attracts new users from a diverse pool of demographics.

Not only is the Champion 46561 tolerable (with respect to noise-output), but performs exceptionally well on fuel consumption too.

Classified as a medium-duty Champion Portable Generator, this gas engine unit sounds (and drinks) similar to less-powerful machines.

Furthermore, 3500 Watt Champion Portable Gas Generators can be effective for nearly all outdoors function(s), and, are suitable for a considerable number of home loads as well.

This very generator is also highly inclined to RV support/application(s) in result of its sufficient capacity, general flexibility.

Additionally, it can easily be taken on-the-road if need be.

Again, to further highlight the key attributes, the portable gas 46561 generator will run for approximately 12 hours at 50% load capacity.

Thus, if it is not totally necessary to run the generator at full strength, one can quickly ‘down-shift’ the motor so-as-to save vital fuel.

This really extends both the fuel reserves of the Champion Portable Generator, and would be a welcome addition to all 3500 Watt generators as well.

Best Uses For The Champion 46561 Portable Generator

At 3500 Watts, the 46561 has more than enough power for (virtually) any-and-all items/accessories that will accompany an RV, or, travel ‘convoy’ of modest size.

What’s more, the portable gas 46561 will run, for several hours, essential home appliances as necessary.

Generally, a conventional natural gas standby generator for home use will be rated at 6KWs or more.

At that capacity, obviously, many more components can be energized concurrently; although, our chief purpose(s) regarding Champion Generators is to have high-quality on-the-go backup power…

(Home generator application(s) tend to be few-and-far-between since natural gas or liquid propane whole house generators are the best choice for this scenario.)

Gasoline Champion 3500 Watt Generators will perform admirably (to a point) in home environments.

This Champion Portable Generator should not be ‘ruled-out’ entirely, but, I’d definitely try to limit repetitive, extended heavy-use.

I say this not because the generator is incapable of handling it, but to ultimately stress-the-fact that:

(a) Gas is more expensive than liquid propane or natural gas;

(b) Gas is much less efficient than propane or natural gas!

In combination, prolonged employment of portable gas generators for home use will, eventually, add significant operational costs to the equipment.

And, by that time, an efficient, reliable natural gas home generator could have been purchased with the exponentially higher fuel expenses.

In sum, the Champion 46561 is a great portable gas generator for RVs, camping, and, occasional home employment—the 3500 Watt ‘class’ is well represented by this Champion Portable Generator!