Champion Portable Generators

In the World of Mobile Backup Power, Champion Portable Generators Pioneer

Champion Portable Generators are some of the most versatile, resourceful machines in regards to portable gas backup power.

Champion Power Equipment, the manufacturer of every Champion Generator, is an innovative California Corporation founded in 2003.

Champion fabricates an expansive line of portable gas generators ranging from light to heavy duty classifications.

Additionally, Champion constructs an ever-popular recreational category as well—namely, portable gas RV generators, generators for outdoor use, and a variety of (relatively) lightweight models.

Partly, gas powered Champion Portable Generators ‘stand-out’ due to their unique, vibrant color schemes.

A more practical assessment, however, is likely due to Champion’s ultra-competitive price-points for its consumer-base.

For example, we are seeing a growing number of our visitors/subscribers/enthusiasts gravitate towards this manufacturer’s lines as time-goes-on.

Furthermore, another pertinent attribute of gas engine Champion Portable Generators is the reduced noise-levels with which they operate.

Many frequent users have reported that they were pleasantly surprised with the decibel-outputs of their portable Champion Generator upon initial usage of the product.

Consistently, they said that they were much more inclined to utilize the generator within a residential setting thanks-to reduced apprehension of ordinance/noise-level-citation(s).

Champion Generators, and, portable gas generators in general, require sufficient ventilation, open-space to operate at optimum (recommended) levels.

Not only should a Champion Portable Gas Generator be ‘turned-on outdoors, but, it’s wise to maintain approximately 15′ of distance away from all windows, fragile pottery, glass-ware, etc.

Even something as ‘light’ as a portable gas 1500W generator can, if nothing else, create uncomfortable environments for indoor dwellings if operated too close to the structure.

(Mainly, vibration is the chief concern with smaller portable gas generators; however, a larger, more robust Champion Generator can amplify this ‘nuisance’ exponentially.)

Classes of Champion Portable Gas Generators

As noted, there are variant classes of portable gas generators, and, in the light-duty category, the Champion 42431 reigns supreme.

The 42431 is, at full capacity, a 1500W Generator.

Running at a respectable 1200 Watts, this gas powered Champion Generator is a great alternative to some of the more heavy (and expensive!) 1200 Watt portable gas generators of other brands.

Next, Champion Power Equipment makes a medium-duty line of portable gas generators as well.

In this class, the Champion 41115 and 41135 lead-the-way.

With portable generator ratings of 5000 and 5500 Watts respectively, these gas engine backup power machines are perfect for ‘in-between’ activities—not quite light-use, nor are considered heavy/commercial-load either.

Speaking of heavy-duty portable Champion Generators, each of the following makes-up this veritable line for Champion Power Equipment…

(a) Champion 41533—Remote Start, 7200 Running Watts/9200 Peak Watt Capacity

(b) Champion 41534—Electric Start, CARB Compliant, 7500 Watt portable gas generator

(c) Champion 41535—CARB Compliant, 9375W (Peak Power) gas generator

(d) Champion 41536—7200 Watt generator with electric start capability, exceptional fuel-efficiency

(e) Champion 41537—One of the most popular in the heavy-duty class; 7500 Watt, CARB Compliant Champion Generator.

Finally, we’ve reached the Champion Recreational Series of portable gas generators…

Here, the Champion 46561, 40026, 46515, and, an inverter generator (73531i) dominate.

Portable gas inverter generators are especially useful for outdoors/RV applications in result of a decent, 2000 Watt capacity, and (very) lightweight ‘foot-print’—less than 50lbs.

In short, Champion Portable Generators are gas powered machines which offer unique, attractive features that directly translate into enhanced user-experience(s), satisfaction!