How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

A Transfer Switch has been used to connect the house from the generator. Sometimes in some situations, this transfer switch is not available. This may happen that even in that situation you want your system continuously on supply even when the main power supply is turned off. The power failure may happen due to any reason. The reason can be a natural disaster like a flood or the earth quickly. Natural disasters are not the only possibility sometimes this may happen due to the technical power supply failure. At that point, we want that the power supply to our home should remain alive in any case. At Least the lights must be in the “ON” position and transmitting lights. So that there should not be a complete blackout in the home.

Many people have experienced this worse situation when they got stuck in the flood. Nobody has planned this situation. It happened and when you realize you are actually completely stuck in the situation. It’s too late to obtain a transfer switch if you do not have any. To avoid this type of situation you should know how to attach the whole house with a generator without a transfer switch. If not the whole at least the necessary equipment should be running.

This article is different from other articles available on the net as the majority of these discuss “how to hook up a generator to a house with a transfer switch?”. Here our main emphasis is on how to hook up the generator to the house without the transfer switch. 

Let’s look at this procedure in detail that how can we have achieved this purpose. I  would like to mention here categorically that for effective and safe transfer the transfer switch is required. Therefore a potential threat always remains there. If you want this potential threat to be eliminated completely. You have to use a transfer switch in this regard.

Requirements to connect the generator without the transfer switch

You will at least require these things in order to set up the generator for your home of course without a transfer switch

A Breaker

The required breaker should be able to cope with the power requirements. These power requirements are of the two ends. One is of your home and the other is of the generator. If you miss the single side the power supply system will not work accordingly.

The Kit – That can Interlock

An interlocking kit. This interlocking kit will work as a substitute for the transfer switch that will help in establishing a connection between the generator and the main panel. This is again recommended that if you have the transfer switch then please use the switch preferably. Pricewise these kits are cheaper than the transfer switches. You can buy these online.

Electric wires

The cables are needed to transfer the energy from one point to another. This is recommended to reduce different color codes for different purposes. In the case of error hunting, a separate colored wire for every purpose will be helpful. 

Safety equipment

Safety is first in every work. So make sure that you have all the safety equipment needed. This safety equipment includes gloves that you can wear in your hands. This is highly recommended that you use eye protection during work. 

Establishing connections

Due care should be done while establishing the connection. If you connect the male and female connectors this is good. If you try to establish the connection between 2 Male switches things will be risky. That is so high that the whole system can collapse. If the whole system collapses then you will not be able to get the electricity from the generator. Therefore due care should be taken in order to protect the system from a breakdown and even catch fire. 

Generator amperage and plug type

Employees as important as this is the amount of energy that will be delivered from the alternative to the system. This must be in accordance with the requirement of the system. Too little energy will be of no use for the system and too much energy will certainly create problems for the system and the system can be burnt out. Plugs are used to transfer the energy at both sides of the breaker. There can be another way with the help of which you can know the amperage. This way is to check the code which is printed on the plug. This code will tell you the power requirements. 

Drill to make holes

You need to make a hole in order to bring the wires into the house. This hole will be made with the help of a drill. This hole will be made according to the position of the generator. Please place the generator appropriately around your home. If you place the generator at the wrong place this will be a permanent source of disturbance for you. For example, if you placed the generator beside your bedroom. The noise will be so high that you will not be able to get the peace inside your bedroom where the generator is working. This is due to the high noise produced by the generator

System assembly

This is the time to integrate and assemble the different parts of the system. So that these can work together and produce the desired results. The hole should be done at the appropriate place. So that the wires can be arranged appropriately at the right position. Open the cover of the breaker box. This is the time to assemble the breaker box accordingly and joint all the connections appropriately. Once you do it this is the time to cover the box again. Do it with the appropriate care and no joint should be left loose.  

Final Words

Although this is highly recommended that you should not use any other method other than the transfer switch to using the generator. But here we have introduced you to the one method. Here we have applied the interlocking kit instead of the transfer switch. This is something that can be highly risky. If it is not taken care of appropriately. So if you don’t have the expertise or previous experience in this regard. Don’t try this on your own. Things can turn really risky and you may get hurt easily and even the property can be damaged too.