Kohler 20resal

Kohler 20RESAL

by  Editorial Staff Member
(Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A)

Kohler 20RESAL Generators are above the typical ‘residential’ thresh-hold being they are 20kW (20,000 Watt) models.

In true Kohler fashion, the 20RESAL is admirably advanced, and, fully functional with industry-leading Kohler Transfer Switches.

This model is not only capable of powering large residential structures, but also proves effective for general commercial operations as well… 

Air-cooled natural gas/propane generators are definitely good investments when accounting for the overall comfort, safety, and social ‘insurance’ the equipment provides for its users.

What’s more, the natural gas Kohler 20RESAL home standby generator is fully enclosed in a sound, corrosion-free casing.

(Imagine the frustration and hassle of, after several years, being compelled to replace vital components due to avoidable oversights.)

Kohler 20RESAL Specifications

This unit is rated at 20 Kilowatts, which is basically 20,000 Watts of operating capacity.

Moreover, the 20RESAL offers a (Single-Phase) voltage of 120/240V.

The difference in the two voltage numbers, for those who may not be familiar, pertains to the country in which one lives—e.g. variant European Countries will have different ‘voltage’ than the U.S., et cetera.

Surprisingly, for such a robust engine, this model is rated at less-than 70dBA of noise-output (well within range of most City/Community Ordinances.)

Another aspect relative to the overall power capabilities is the preferred fuel type of the owner/operator of the equipment.

Without question, natural gas home generators are far more efficient, reasonable than an equally-capable gasoline type.

Furthermore, in reality, liquid propane boasts a slight (power) advantage over its natural gas counter-part.
Either way, the 20RESAL performs exceptionally well; however, technically, the ‘Power Ratings’ are as follows…

(1) Natural Gas Power Capacity: 18 Kilowatts;

(2) Liquid Propane (LP) Power Capacity: 20 Kilowatts.

Kohler 20RESAL Generator Benefits

One of the most impressive, convenient benefits of purchasing the 20RESAL , or any Kohler Home Generator, is that the ‘ownership-burdens’ are minimized by a number of key features.

Speaking of which, Kohler 20RESAL Generators restore power to the structure much more quickly (normally within 10 seconds) than do many other ‘competitor-equivalents’.

This is partly attributed to the advanced engineering of the 60 Hertz, 999cc, Air-Cooled Engine; although, the bulk of the ‘praise’ should be extended to the Kohler Transfer Switch(es) by which the generator is controlled.

Kohler Transfer Switches alleviate common concerns of standby generator owners by removing the technical, mundane nature of less-evolved setup processes, maintenance requirements.

All-in-all, the Kohler 20RESAL is a tremendous selection for anyone (whether residential or commercial) who needs affordable, reliable, well-made backup power.

Kohler’s innovation, dependability, attention-to-detail, and customer satisfaction make the 20RESAL a ‘top-choice’ in the 20kW Generator category!